Why living in Portugal in 2020

As we enter a new decade, let’s look into the reasons for living in Portugal in 2020. Portugal was recently awarded, again, as the best destination in the world. Obviously, this is from a tourism standpoint, hence, we wanted to take a look into the country itself, and the main reasons why you should decide

Portugal is the 3rd safest country in the world.

Portugal was ranked the 3rd safest country in the world, by Global Peace Index. This is true and we are proud to share it. Only beaten by Iceland and New Zealand. Alongside with climate, on 300 sunny days per year, we have a very safe country where you can go almost everywhere, without any kind of concerns.

Golden Visa Portugal

Retiring and living overseas, post coronavirus

Retiring and living overseas, post coronavirus, is a plan one should think of now. Once we are safe from Covid-19 pandemic, the world will slowly go back to a new normal. Our life model will surely go through important changes, but maybe a lot of this will be very positive. Probably less waste and superfluous

Portugal is best destination in the world

Portugal will still be a great opportunity

Once hard times are over, Portugal will still be a great opportunity. The world is facing challenges never experienced before. Portugal is no exception. After 2 weeks of initial lockdown, the Portuguese government has prolonged the “state of emergency” measures for a further 14 days period. We will, hence, still be in home confinement at

It is time to stop

It is time to stop. Our beauties, monuments and beaches will still be here to be enjoyed. Portugal will still be here to be visited. It is time for us to be apart. It is time to stop so that we can be back soon. Stay safe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFlFkGV207A#action=share

Coronavirus in Portugal

Coronavirus is in Portugal, but cases are still low. And remains a wonderful country to live in. Albeit being a beautiful destination to visit as a tourist, or to invest and reside, it is a privileged gateway to Europe and the world. It is, hence, our duty to highlight the basic precautions to avoid spreading

Golden Visa Portugal

Golden Visa Portugal

What is Golden Visa Portugal Golden VISA Portugal (officially named ARI ), is one of the best “residency by investment” programs for non-EU citizens, in Europe. This incentive to invest and reside in Portugal was designed to attract new investment and talent to Portugal. It comes with highly attractive benefits. After your investment choice, you

buy property Portugal

Buying property in Portugal

Buying a property in Portugal is a relatively straightforward process. This is a country of excellent standards of life, and with long tradition of property ownership. Where to buy? Where to buy your property will be one of the first questions. Lisbon is the capital city, and hence the most important market. But will surely

best destination in world

Portugal is the best destination in the world

Portugal was awarded, once again, the prize of “Best destination in the world”, by the World Travel Awards. This is like winning the Oscar for best movie, but in the tourism sector. A Portuguese region also had the best supporting actress like award: Madeira is the best island to visit. Isn’t that amazing? It is,