Why living in Portugal

We have 3000 hours of sun per year and delicious food (have you heard about our pastel de nata, the irresistible custard tart?). We have more to offer:

Our people: Welcoming and warm

4th safest country in the world according to the Global Peace Index

Competitive cost of living, compared to the rest of Europe

Good infrastructure and public services

World class health service

Food: the best!

Have your heard about mediterranean diet? That is us also. Olive oil, codfish, sardines and vegetables are the staple of gastronomy but not only: for meat lovers there are numerous dishes

Our weather

Mostly mild, over 3000 sunny hours (that is most of the year)

Sandy beaches, mountain, monuments, architecture, you name it!

Portugal in numbers

  • 25th ease of doing business, according to World Bank Group
  • Euro currency
  • Low Inflation
  • Unemployment Rate below 7% (2019)
  • Acquisition of citizenship through investment (golden visa)
  • Tourism continues to drive the economy: 25+ million tourists visited Portugal in 2018.

Quality of life:

  • 2nd country in migrant integration, according to the Migrant Integration Policy Index
  • 3rd worldwide passport by power rating according to Passport Index

Incentives & Investment

  • Tax Incentives
  • NHR
  • Job Creation
  • Investment
  • Real Estate
  • R&D
  • Tourism

Residency & Visa

  • Work Visa
  • Highly Qualified
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Tech Visa
  • Golden Visa – Real Estate
  • Golden Visa – Capital
  • Golden Visa – Employment



What do we do?

When you make a decision to live abroad, it is critically important to have guidance, even on the simple things.

How do I choose the best area or city? How is the weather? How to apply for residency? What is the best bank for a foreigner? What are the best investment options? What is the best school? How good is HealthCare? And many others.

We provide personalised services to ensure a smooth landing in Portugal. We will tailor make our solution in order for you to feel home even before landing.

Getting the basics

To start the process, we need to know all your requirements and agree on clear next steps, thus have a good plan.

Let’s get the basics first. From obtaining a Tax Number to Social Security Number or even to apply for residency or finding your home, we evaluate your specific needs. After a first consultation, we will initiate the process giving you full support, up to completion.

Full process accompaniment

Whether you are still on a very initial stage, or already initiated the process, we will build a plan for you:

  • Moving with your family / your company / on your own
  • Looking to settle: find new home, find schools…
  • Cultural guidance
  • Specific services
  • Study
  • Visas: Non EU / Highly Qualified Work / Golden Visa / Entrepreneurship / Startup / Tech Invest in Portugal: real estate, other
  • Immigration services
  • Business incorporation
  • Any other


Tell us what your requirements are. We will build a personalised recommendation for a smooth move to our country.

First Consultation

You will be invited to schedule your first consultation. During this consultation, we will talk about your needs, interests and preferences and we will agree on a roadmap for a smooth move. This consultation will refine your priorities and concerns and will help you feel more secure about your life changing move.

Travel arrangements

Whether you are making a first visit or making your final move to your new country, we can assist you every step of the way, and make travel arrangements and accommodation easier for you. We can also make reservations of airline tickets, car rental and – why not – a nice restaurant.

Area tour/Orientation

Initial Tour: first glance of your new life, as soon as you come.
Moving abroad can be scary even for a nice and safe place as Portugal. Once we welcome you at the airport, and in order to ease all your concerns, you will have a good tour around, so you can have a first flavour. This might include places and amenities that might interest you, such as schools, supermarkets, playgrounds, emergency services, walking distances. We can also cover attractions nearby or cultural events.

Now you are in Portugal, and a new life begins…

Time to check if anything is missing and to plan the weeks to come. We will arrange for you:

  • Moving
    • Shipment of household goods, pets, values
    • Temporary Housing or hotel services
  • Your new home
    • Finding the right property / solution
    • Home organizer / Interior designer
    • Domestic services
    • Shopping assistance
  • Family and wellbeing
    • School search
    • Beauty, fitness and health
    • Cultural activities, social Life, networking, events
    • Outdoor activities & kids
    • Personal assistance: We are here for you
  • Documents
    • Vehicles and licensing
    • Legal and financial services
    • Utilities
  • Investment
  • Work

How can we help?

Let’s schedule an appointment. Let us know the details of your moving and we’ll do our best to provide you with a smooth relocation to Portugal.

    Why moving FamilyWorking for a companyBusiness IncorporationInvestmentGolden VisaWork VisaRetirementOther
    Process started? NoYes
    Any documents already requested? NoYes
    Number of people
    Timeline for your move
    Want to setup an appointment now? Chose contact time
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