Retiring and living overseas, post coronavirus

Retiring and living overseas, post coronavirus, is a plan one should think of now. Once we are safe from Covid-19 pandemic, the world will slowly go back to a new normal. Our life model will surely go through important changes, but maybe a lot of this will be very positive. Probably less waste and superfluous consumption, a bit more rationality – who knows?

regardless, life will go on and Portugal will still be a wonderful country to move to, invest and live in. And definitely a marvelous place for someone to retire.

So, although it is not yet the time to come to Portugal and visit our natural beauties, our 900 years old history, or taste the best good in the world, it is good to start dreaming about it and make a plan. After all, retiring and living overseas, sounds like a great plan.

That is exactly what FORBES magazine told us recently.

Portugal has over 3.000 hours of sun year-round and is one of the safest countries in the world. We have several fiscal programs with attractive benefits for you to retire and live here. There are numerous options: one of the big cities, like Lisbon or Porto, or event the amazing coast or countryside. You can read all about it on our homepage

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