Portugal will still be a great opportunity

Once hard times are over, Portugal will still be a great opportunity. The world is facing challenges never experienced before. Portugal is no exception. After 2 weeks of initial lockdown, the Portuguese government has prolonged the “state of emergency” measures for a further 14 days period. We will, hence, still be in home confinement at least until April 17th.

Although still in the eye of the storm, the pandemic figures in Portugal seem to be flattening. Still early to evaluate, but remaining far from the horrific figures we have been seeing in Italy, Spain, France and the US. Still being at high risk, we must, therefore, be responsible and continue our home confinement.

First our health

Schools were closed in the beginning of March and families were advised to stay home. That is mandatory to contain the pandemic and avoid over pressuring hospitals and the health professionals. Our national health system has very high standards, but no one was prepared for what we are experiencing. A big concern with the elderly, which must be protected and taken care of.

Portuguese economy

The Portuguese government has taken several measures to reduce the economic impact on business and people. Those will be vital to control the damage. But are they enough? Hotels, restaurants, services, industries, almost everything is completely inactive. Some companies are able to have their people working from home, but the economy came to a halt.

This Covid-19 pandemic comes at a very high social and economic cost. Following a good economic period, with booming tourism and strong foreign investment, everything went down. All tourism operators, aviation and transportation has stopped.

There is also a dramatic impact on real estate investment, which had the best years in a long period, following growing demand. Everything is on hold.

What next?

We remain positive. Portugal is still here. Soon life will come back to normal, and the tourism and real estate dynamics with take shape again.

Still beautiful, with its amazing sun and wonderful people. We will be here waiting for everyone, once all this is over, and we are then allowed to travel freely. You will come to Lisbon, to walk its old neighbourhoods, have a drink by the river or enjoy a few “Pastel de nata”.

Go to Sintra, then Cascais and enjoy a nice fish lunch. You cannot miss Porto, Braga, Guimarães, the Alentejo or the Algarve, you chose. Apologies if we forget any beauty you have heard of.

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Then you might, again, consider living in this marvellous country. Portugal will still be a great opportunity, as the benefits of living here remain unchanged. In the meantime, we stay home.

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