Why living in Portugal in 2020

As we enter a new decade, let’s look into the reasons for living in Portugal in 2020.

Portugal was recently awarded, again, as the best destination in the world. Obviously, this is from a tourism standpoint, hence, we wanted to take a look into the country itself, and the main reasons why you should decide living here. It will certainly depend on the reasons that make you consider living or investing in Portugal. But let’s look at factors applicable on either of the reasons, and which everyone values.


Portugal is the 4th safest country in the world. You can walk almost anywhere, anytime, without any restrictions. Can anything unpleasant happen? Of course, but probably no more than pickpocketing, which you won’t even remember later.

Tech and Infrastructure

We have the best technology, with “state of the art” internet service connections, free wifi is also offered almost everywhere. Heard about web summit? Yep, it is in Lisbon, also the 4th best place in the world to start a new business. Portugal’s startup ecosystem is growing 2x times faster than the European average.


There are several attractive incentives to invest and live in Portugal. From fiscal exemptions, to simplified citizenship process, as well as programs for Tech and Entrepreneurship Visas, a growing number of foreign citizens are choosing Portugal to invest, live and retire.

Studying and qualification

Portugal is producing ever more highly qualified people, being also one of the best countries speaking foreign languages, particularly good in English, but also Spanish and French. The number of foreign students has also skyrocketed by 400% since the year 2000. We are producing and also exporting some of the best scientists, doctors, engineers and managers in the world.

Life and society

As we have mentioned before, life quality is, overall, extremely good. Public and private healthcare systems which ensure great service, with a rich variety of alternatives. Very good schools, solid services, highly developed public transportation, roads, you name it. Nothing is missing.

Portugal has a balanced society, combining family values and traditions, and being early adopter of modern trends and innovation. With long political stability, you can expect to make solid life and investment decisions, supported by our institutions and developed fiscal and justice systems.

You can easily live by the sea or opt for the countryside. After all, it is a small country anyway. Ah, and you can also find some of the best waves or golf courses in the world.

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