Do you want to live in Portugal?

Relocating with your company, your family or on your own? Moving to enjoy your golden age?
We give you full personalised support until you settle down.

Smooth living in Portugal

Why Portugal?

Land of wonderful people, delicious food and marvelous sunny days, we are the 15th and 16th centuries sailors, who went out to discover the world. Departing from Belém to Madeira, Azores, a slice of Africa, Brazil, and beyond.

We came back and have built the best destination in the world, with top infrastructure, great to live and invest. We know, therefore, how to interact with any nationality or culture.

What can we do for you?

We will help you making the right decisions. In case you have not yet chosen the area or even the city, we will work on that and then build a smooth process for you to fulfill your dreams, settling in Portugal. We’ll sort out any challenges you might face, with close communication and fast solutions.

How do we do it?

People are people, not admin. Let’s plan together.

Who are we & why us

We are a team of globetrotters, having travelled extensively and lived in 3 different continents. This team understands the importance of having a good helping hand from the moment you decide to move abroad.

Nuno Costa

Nuno is a business manager with almost two decades of experience, has lived in several countries and multicultural environments. Having started and developed business in 3 different continents, deeply understands the key drivers of a company or new venture, when building the plan for a new geography. Whilst mitigating risks linked to a new social and economic context, Nuno will help you, your business and your teams setting-up and develop for growth.

Ana Santos

Psychologist and professional organiser, Ana is an avid traveller. She went to Africa for 3 years and then returned to Portugal to create her own business. Mother of 2, she understood the need of having good support when a decision is made to move abroad. Ana is all about people: she is the right person to help you relocate smoothly, adapt and integrate in Portugal. Having developed personalised solutions to increase life balance of her customers, will always have a solution tailor made for you.

How can we help?

Let’s schedule an appointment. Let us know the details of your moving and we’ll do our best to provide you with a smooth relocation to Portugal.

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    Why living in Portugal in 2020

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